WHISE is seeking resources to help design and develop the “white label” train the trainer program which we are also hoping can align to a national micro credential pathway. In addition to this WHISE has also had discussions with the Integrated Family Violence Partnerships of Southern Melbourne and Bayside Peninsula to partner and contribute to funding the work to develop a train the trainer product so that participants who have undertaken the first aid program, can deliver it themselves to community. 


Project: Framing Age Messaging Guide

Net Social Benefit to Community $450,171

Directly delivered to 322 Participants with an estimated impact for 12 months

Benefit Cost Ratio 5.34

Social Impact as calculated through the Australia Social Value Bank for the delivery of the Framing Age Messaging Guide.
The values used in this cost benefit analysis have been derived using the wellbeing valuation method from data gathered through the HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) and Journeys Home Survey.