The Framing Age Message Guide (the Guide) was developed by Common Cause Australia on behalf of the consortium led by Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership (SMPCP).

The Guide was released via an online public launch on the 20 October 2021. The purpose was to develop better understanding of ageist attitudes which are a key driver of abuse against older people.  

To support the release of the Guide, a series of training workshops and a launch event were amongst the activities used to promote the principles in the Guide.

The workshops provided an opportunity to test the material of the Framing Age Message Guide to participants and provide educational content on values-based messaging. 

Framing age


Project: Framing Age Messaging Guide

Net Social Benefit to Community $450,171

Directly delivered to 322 Participants with an estimated impact for 12 months

Benefit Cost Ratio 5.34

Social Impact as calculated through the Australia Social Value Bank for the delivery of the Framing Age Messaging Guide.
The values used in this cost benefit analysis have been derived using the wellbeing valuation method from data gathered through the HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) and Journeys Home Survey.