The TAC L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is a community-based program providing on-road driving experience to Learner Drivers who would otherwise find it difficult to gain the minimum 120 hours driving required to apply for a Victorian Probationary license.

The program focuses on helping young people become safe confident drivers, in an effort to reduce Victoria’s road toll. It also provides an opportunity for young people to interact with positive adult role models, gain confidence and move towards social independence. 

L2P - Frankston City Council - 8June22

In June 2022, WHISE partnered with Frankston City Council to deliver training to eight L2P program mentors of mixed genders.

The training aimed to:

  • Build knowledge of how gender inequality contributes to gendered violence    
  • Build knowledge and confidence to have conversations /respond appropriately to witnessing disrespect for women & girls and disclosures of experiences or perpetration of domestic, family, and sexual violence.    
  • Build skills in self-care practices, support mechanisms and services available  

The program explores appropriate ways to respond to disclosures of experiences or perpetration of domestic, family, and sexual violence and how this may be impacting the participants in the L2P program. WHISE facilitation also provided skills in self-care practices and outlined the support mechanisms and services available to mentors. 

L2P Feedback


Project: Frankston L2P Driver Workshop

Net Social Benefit to Community $33,319

Directly delivered to 5 Participants with an estimated impact for 12 months

Benefit Cost Ratio 13.36

Social Impact as calculated through the Australia Social Value Bank for the delivery of the Frankston L2P Driver Workshop.
The values used in this cost benefit analysis have been derived using the wellbeing valuation method from data gathered through the HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) and Journeys Home Survey.