WHISE backbones the regional strategy for the prevention of violence against women. The first of its kind in the region was called Preventing Violence Together (PVT) 2016-2021.

In mid 2021 the work to build the second strategy, and evaluate the first, commenced with an evaluation summit. WHISE, together with Tracey Delaney from Outcomes Matter, invited stakeholders and partners, both current and future, to an interactive summit workshop to:  

  • reflect upon the most significant outcomes of the first regional strategy Preventing Violence Together 
  • draw down on the reflections on what was most significant and use them to identify areas of priority in building in the new strategy.  

Further to the evaluation summit, WHISE ran two well attended online Think Tank sessions to test findings drawn from the consultations (survey, interviews, and evaluation summit). This included testing the strategy name, vision, principles, pillars (ways of working), priorities, theory of change, key evaluation questions and corresponding evaluation framework.  

PVT Evaluation Summit template
PVT Evaluation Summit template (1)

Launch of Promoting Respect and Equity Together

Promoting Respect & Equity Together – A Strategy to End Gendered Violence in the Southern Metropolitan Region 2021-2025 (PRET)was launched at an online event on 01 December 2021.

The event included a recorded keynote from Minister Williams (Minister for the Prevention of Violence Against Women at the time), a musical performance from local artist, Milly Moodie and speakers Jayneen and Jessica Saunders who spoke about their gender equality range of books as well as their own experience of gender inequality and stereotypes.   

WHISE and PRET partners see this current strategy, associated PRET Year 1 & 2 Action Plan and PRET Evaluation Framework 2022 as a dynamic mechanism through which all partners involved will continue to innovate, strengthen and align work across the South East region to prevent gendered violence and promote gender equity. 

The working groups have commenced their activity under the strategy – Workforce Development Working Group, Southern Melbourne Primary Partnership Working Group and Bayside Peninsula Primary Prevention Working Group.  

PRET Launch poster